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what we offer

What we offer

Increasing and consistently optimising your Return on Marketing Investment (ROI) via powerful and predictive Models.

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The digitalisation of our landscape has ushered in an era of both simplicity and complexity; Communication has never been easier, and most things are now just a click away. However digitalisation has also led to exponential data growth – much of which is unstructured, presenting a host of new challenges for Marketing Professionals.


Marketing combines elements of both art and science, yet remains, at its core, a commercial discipline, with profitable sales its goal. Whilst there are myriad factors influencing this, the calculation is numerical, and the result of massive quantitites of data.  While this might not sound sexy to some, we at Proxigy live and love data. Each one of the data points represent either a person, or money – and we think there is nothing sexier!


We believe in trust. We also strongly believe in control. Our mission is to  empower our clients to better control their marketing decision making by:

  • Simplifying your decision-making by mining your data for relevant and actionable insights.
  • Empower your decision making through the implementation of measurable and trackable KPIs.
  • Increasing and consistently optimising your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) via powerful and predictive Models


Exploration & Training

Need better Consumer Insights? Need to train new Employees? Need a sparring Partner? Market Research, Workshops, Brainstorming & Training.

Visualisation & Dashboards

You know what you should be monitoring but just don’t want to look at a wall of excel data anymore? we can help simplify your tracking.

``Pimp my...``

Finding things a bit blah? Inspiration & Help Bringing your story to life.

Analytics & Modeling

Predictive planning / what if scenarios Volume contribution, Optimal Budget, Optimal Performance levels (GRP, Reach, etc.) Optimal Campaign Length.

Intelligence & Performance

Finding the story within the data Structuring & Mining Data, Establishing and Tracking relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Better decision making through better storytelling.


Optimising your media investment and ROI Strategic Media Planning Audits, Pitch Consultancy, Setting budgets, Budget allocation, Channel selection, Performance.

As our focus is data driven marketing, much of our work revolves around data gathering, cleaning and analysis.  In practice, however, our scope is dependent on what you need – even if what you need is to find out what you need.


FAQ Intelligence & Performance

  • How do I mine my data?

  • How can I automate my Reportings?

  • How do I define and track Key Performance Indicators?

  • How do I define and track Target Groups?

  • What Market Research do I need? How often?

  • How do I capture and interpret unstructured data

  • What data do I need for Predictive Modelling?

FAQ Investment & Media

  • When should I audit? What areas should I look at?

  • How much money should I be spending?

  • How can I get the same media value for less Money?

  • How should I allocate my Budget?

  • What is the best Media Mix?

  • How can I allocate my budget more efficiently?

  • How can I improve my ROI?

  • How can I optimise my Search spend?

  • What should my Search to Display ratio be?

  • How much does social media really do for me?

FAQ Modeling & Analytics

  • What will the model show?
  • What data do I need?
  • How many years of back data do I need?
  • Should I do a daily or weekly model?
  • What can I model?
  • Can I model Search?
  • Can I forecast different scenarios?(more budget, less budget, higher sales…)?
  • Can I reproduce the results of the model?
  • What ist the difference between attribution modells and marketing mix models?